Katie Testa is Founder and Executive Director of Metro Detroit Nonviolent Communication, where she provides training, mentoring, coaching, public speaking, and consulting services across the Great Lakes Region and internationally. She is a Lead Trainer, Mentor, and Program Coordinator for the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication, and also serves as US Liaison for the International Attachment Network.  

Connecting with and supporting people as they learn this new way of thinking and being brings deep meaning, purpose, and inspiration to Katie. She enjoys sharing this unique peacemaking skill set and consciousness with anyone who is motivated to learn, empowering them to connect more deeply and authentically with both themselves and others. Holding a vision of a peaceful, connected world comprised of life serving systems, Katie focuses her efforts toward societal change via facilitating connection within individuals and their relationships. 

Beyond her expertise in Nonviolent Communication, Katie is informed and inspired by a variety of modalities and frameworks, including but not limited to:  

Internal Family Systems Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Attachment Theory (applied to both parenting and romantic relationships), Nathaniel Branden’s work with self-esteem, and Trauma Theory (ACE study).

Her other interests include yoga, meditation, the therapeutic use of psychedelics, voluntaryism, compassionate anarchism, permaculture, cryptocurrencies and other innovative technologies, playing ukulele, and mycology.

Alex Jaworski is Metro Detroit Nonviolent Communication’s Program Coordinator. She supports in the coordination of MDNVC workshops and events and provides one-on-one mentoring and group facilitation. 

Alex first heard about Nonviolent Communication at an Introduction Workshop in 2015. Since then Alex has felt inspired by NVC and eventually found she needed support to practice further and develop her skills. She loved the sense of community and integration of NVC that the Metro Detroit Nonviolent Communication practice groups brought to her life. She decided to attend the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication’s Integration Program to gain a deeper understanding and further her practice of NVC in 2018.  After attending the program, Alex has lead a small practice group, provided one-on-one mentoring, and co-lead NVC workshops.

Nonviolent Communication has brought peace and understanding to Alex’s life and has aided her in discovering the beauty of self-connection. Through continuously integrating Nonviolent Communication, Alex has found more ease in communicating authentically with care and awareness, allowing for more connection between herself and others. The deep impact that Nonviolent Communication has already had on her life is her inspiration to continue to learn, integrate and share it with others.  Her hope is to make progress towards a more connected, compassionate, and effective world and to support others interested in having more compassion and connection in their lives. 

Alex holds a degree in Sociology and is currently attending Wayne State for her MSW. She enjoys practicing yin yoga, swimming, attempting new recipes, and spending time in the mountains or woods whenever she can. 

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