Katie Testa has been passionately pursuing the integration of Nonviolent Communication since discovering it. She has found both inspiration and hope through her NVC practice for living a life that is in true alignment with her values as a parent, teacher, coalition builder, entrepreneur, and ultimately as an individual.

She was trained by The New York Center for Nonviolent Communication, and is presently a part of the NYCNVC Leadership Team. She facilitates NYCNVC Discovery Weekends, Intensive Trainings, and is also an NYCNVC Certified Practice Group Leader and Introduction Trainer.

Katie’s experience leading and facilitating practice groups, teleworkshops, introductory workshops, and working one on one with coaching clients has contributed deeply to her learning and growth as a committed and enthusiastic NVC practitioner.

The opportunity to connect with and support others on their journey of learning this new way of being with themselves and the world provides meaning, purpose, and inspiration for her, and she enjoys providing both valuable services and resources that facilitate peace making skills and increased connection in the Metro Detroit Community and beyond.


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