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Private coaching is an interactive process which takes place in person, on the phone, or online, which can help clients to grow more rapidly and integrate their learning more deeply, leading to more satisfying results in their lives. Clients are supported by a combination of empathy and education, rooted in and inspired by the process and consciousness of Nonviolent Communication.

As a result of coaching, clients gain new insights and clarity, empowering them to set goals, develop their own vision, and take action to more fully use their natural strengths and develop the areas where growth and integration are desired. Many have stated that the Coaching Relationship is the most effective way to integrate NVC concepts and awareness.  By working with situations that apply specifically to their own life experience and individual relationships, clients discover that their learning is greatly intensified and accelerated.

Katie Testa, your coach and Founder of MDNVC, is committed to supporting clients in staying on track or getting off track with purpose, and she is trained and dedicated to facilitate growth and awareness without judgment. With her many years of experience practicing Nonviolent Communication, and her own enthusiasm for learning, competency, and contribution, clients will find a powerful resource at their fingertips when working with her.

If you’re interested in working together with Katie, please Contact Us.

MDNVC also offers coaching by Alex Jaworski, who enjoys working with individuals and small groups. She finds meaning in the moments where clients and mentees discover deeper self-connection and clarity by tuning into and connecting to their feelings and needs. Alex holds an open, supportive, and nonjudgmental space while providing empathy, reflections, and exploring NVC concepts with those she works with.

If you’re interested in working together with Alex, please Contact Us.

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  1. Hi Katie!
    I’ve been reading, and studying Rosenberg’s book on NVC and am blown away. It is incredible, and I see such huge value in transforming the way I listen and give empathy.

    My 19 year old daughter has had a tough couple of years. I have been practicing this with her this week, and have found it very encouraging. She is experiencing anxiety and in actively listening to her, I have seen her identify some of her own feelings. She was going to therapy last year, and while she said it “helped” — I think what was helping was the person listening to her, but it did not appear to be reflective listening, and it did not seem as if it went to a level where she felt confidence in her own self.

    She said this morning while having a meltdown about going to work, “I hate my life! I hate that I have to go to work!” I had just finished the chapter on translating “have to” to “choose to” and talked to her about choice. She told me that “Everyone would think I’m a failure if I don’t make this job work!” I reflected that it sounded as if she was worried that others would think she was a failure if she didn’t go to work, and asked her if she thought she would “be a failure” if she choose not to go to work today. She made the choice to call in and did not go today. She told me she would like to go back to therapy.

    Do you do this? Would we be able to hire you to coach her? I believe NVC would give her the tools necessary to navigate her life in a much more fulfilling and empowering way. If you don’t do this, do you have any recommendations?

    I am looking forward to becoming involved with the NVC community and am pleased that Bruce Webber thought to invite me to the Picnic on Belle Isle on July 9. I am planning to attend!

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