The Art & Science of Getting Along

An Introduction to Nonviolent Communication

(Online Workshop via Zoom)

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to navigate conflict with more ease and compassion? Would you like to learn a new way of relating that has the potential to peacefully influence and transform your personal relationships, communities, and even the social systems that impact your world?

Join us to discover and explore a new generation of human connection and peacemaking skills known as NVC that’s changing the way we think about conflict, compassion, and our future. This informative, inspiring, and interactive talk will introduce us to a revolutionary way of thinking and speaking – a way of applying transformational ideas and sensibilities to real-life situations.

The evening starts with an interactive introduction followed by a comprehensive exercise and practice.

You’re invited to begin your journey to becoming a resource for peace in your life and community.



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“Katie presented the information clearly, with many exercises for practice and integration, and suggestions for homework. The sessions flowed well. There was space to ask questions and discuss the material. Katie modeled the NVC process throughout.

I highly recommend this training. I am now more empathetic toward myself and others. I am present more often, with increased awareness of my feelings and needs.”

Bruce W, Practice Group Participant

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  1. I have bee to two of Katie’s workgroups. O have been to at least two weekend trainings in Columbus, Ohio. So i do not think i need the intro. I am looking to continue my work with NVC so please let me know what else is going on.
    Hey Katie, hope you remeber me. I was sorry you were not doing a winter workgroup.

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